Tiger Takedown 2017-18 #3

March 8, 2018

Tiger Takedown:     Aztec Wrestling Newsletter #3      2017-2018      12/18/2017

As you may have noticed, there was not a #2 newsletter last week. Due to the events that tragically unfolded on Thursday, December 7th that took the lives of two of our students, and in remembrance of them and the faculty that saved so many lives, it will be left blank in their memory.


The first Varsity event of this season for Aztec was held in St. George, Utah.  It was the always tough Desert Storm Invitational, which had 30 teams represented from 4 states.  Aztec won it for the first time ever proving they are #aztecstrong. Cody Candelaria was voted Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament and our lone champion.  Our Junior Varsity, which was understaffed, placed 5th out of 28 teams, scoring 338 points with just 9 wrestlers.


Junior Varsity Place winners: 

106#    11th Bella Wells        Champion 6-0                113#   9th Justin Hargis            6-3

113#    9th   Sammy Minton Champion 7-1                120#  10th Dansie Drake         3-6

126#    8th   Garrett Kirby        3-3                               138# 10th Zane Chapman Champion 10-1

145#   9th   Hunter Riddick    5th place 10-2              152# 10th Bode Wooley Champion 13-0

220#    11th Zach Roberts      8th place 5-3


Varsity team Placing:  top 8 / 30

1st  Aztec                                  233 pts             2nd  Canyon View Utah                        220 pts

3rd  Millard Utah                      210 pts             4th   Syracuse HS Utah                        207pts

5th Beaver HS. Utah                168 pts            6th   Desert Hills HS Utah                    160 pts

7th Cimmaron Mem NV.         155 pts             8th   Salem Hills HS Utah                     151 pts


Aztec Place Winners:

106#    9th        Jaren Mcbride             27 pts              8-1                   3rd Place

113#    9th        Dylan St. Vrain            21 pts              5-2                   4th Place         

120#    12th      Josiah Griego              25 pts              5-1                   3rd Place

126#    11th      Christian Robison       24 pts              5-1                   3rd Place

132#    10th      Garrett Birzer             19 pts              5-1                   3rd Place

138#    11th      Cody Candelaria         36 pts              5-0                   Champion   OW

145#    12th      Dominic Dufur            8.5 pts             3-2                   no place

152#    12th      Austin Littlefield         25 pts              4-1                   Runner-up

160#    11th      Hunter Medina           14.5 pts           4-3                   6th Place

170#    11th      Logan Thorpe              7  pts               2-2                  no place

182#    9th        Malcolm Altisi             1  pt               0-2                     no place

195#    9th        Caleb Varzeas             15 pts              5-3                  6th Place

220#    12th      Jared O’Toole              10 pts              3-2                  no place 


Aztec Wrestlers of the week:   Varsity Team for scoring 233 pts at Desert Storm.     JV Sammy Minton for coming from behind to win the Championship  


Events this week:   Thursday Home Varsity dual vs Monticello @ 4:00    Military Appreciation night come join us as we have our first home event of the year.        On a side note; Coach Carson of Dixie High School is donating all proceeds from Tee-shirt sales from the Desert Storm invitational to Aztec High School.

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