Tiger Takedown 2019-20 #4

December 23, 2019

 2019-2020     Tiger  Takedown #4     Aztec Wrestling Newsletter             12/23/2019


After a 400+ mile bus trip to St. George Utah, we participate in the always tough 2 day Marine Corp Desert  Storm Classic and this was our 2nd event of the season.  While there, we were able to see just where we are and what we need to work on.  The competition consisted of 23 schools from 4 states and it was a mixed bag of outcomes for Aztec.  We showed moments of brilliance and moments of immaturity, while on the mat.  After the long ride home and some heavy contemplation, everything is neither as bad as it seems nor as good, but our effort lies somewhere in-between.  Our leadership needs to step up, while our team chemistry is growing in the right direction.  All in all, it was a good trip for the Varsity Wrestling team.  While at the tournament, we received many compliments on our sportsmanship both as wrestlers and coaches and that’s always a good thing to hear.  On Saturday, our shorthanded JV and Girls team went to the Kirtland JV event.  Listed below are their outcomes.


Aztec Girls Results:                                                                              Aztec JV Boys Results:

100#       9th           Lanae Gurule                        Runner-up             120#       11th         Justin Hargis             Runner-up                

100#       10th        Justice Limback                    3rd place               126#       10th         Santiago Martinez     No place

126#       12th         Mia Aguirre                           Champion              145#       9th           Cody Hargis                Runner-up         

132#       9th           Makayla Munoz                    Champion              170#       10th         Brody Bennally           4th place

145#       10th         Katelin Klepac                      Runner-up

160#       10th         Princess Altisis                    Champion


Desert Storm Team Results:     Top 6/23

1st Cimarron Memorial NV.  229 pts                 2nd Aztec NM  215 pts                         3rd Millard UT.   209 pts

4th Desert Hills UT.  165 pts                                 5th Canyon View UT. 162 pts              6th  Higley Az.  159 pts


Aztec Place Winners:

106#       8th           Bryson Valdez                       3-0          34 pts                     Champion 

113#       11th         Jacob Culler                          1-2            8 pts                     No place

120#       11th         Jaren McBride                      3-1          27.5 pts                  Runner-up

126#       11th         Dylan St. Vrain                      3-1          25.5 pts                  Runner-up

132#       11th         Sammy Minton                     4-2          19 pts                     5th place

138#       8th           Tony Thompson                    0-2             0 pts                    No place

145#       12th         Bode Wooley                         4-1          25 pts                     3rd place

152#       12th         Zane Chapman                     2-3         15 pts                      6th place

160#       11th         Malcolm Altisi                       3-2         16 pts                      5th place

160# ind. 11th       Hunter Riddick                     5-3                                           6th place

170#       12th         Logan Klepac                        3-1          22 pts                     Runner-up

189#       10th         Brody Dalton                         0-2            0 pts                     No place

195#                       open

220#       11th        Caleb Varzeas                       4-1          23 pts                      3rd place

220# ind. 10th       Chance Hoggard                   1-2                                          No place

Hwt         12th        Ty Ashley                               0-2             0 pts                    No place


No Fear Wrestlers of the Week: Girls  Mia Aguirre    JV   Hunter Riddick   Varsity   Bryson Valdez


Event this Week:  Spartan Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Varsity Boys only.  Friday and Saturday, 27-28.

The Aztec Wrestling Nation hopes everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday.   


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