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The Aztec Wrestling Nation Welcomes You!

2024 4A NM State Runners Up

2023 4A NM Third Place

2022 4A NM State Champions

2022 NM Girls State Runners Up

2021 4A NM State Champions

2021 NM Girls State 3rd Place

2020 4A NM State Champions

2020 NM Girls State Runners Up

2019 4A NM State Champions

2018 5A NM State Champions

2022 Girls NM Runners Up.jpg
Board of Directors

Chair: Michael Mataalii

Secretary: David Gonzales

Treasurer: Herb Stinson

Member: Bryan Robison

Member: Craig Hadley

Aztec Wrestling PC

Aztec Wrestling PC

  • 50' X 100' footprint

  • Enough room for over 2 wrestling mats, ensuring safe and adequate space for all wrestlers, as it is used by the youth, mid-school and high school teams

  • Viewing Room allows families and the community to watch practice and allow for noise and distraction control

  • Study Hall demonstrates a firm dedication that the program is of a students first, athletes second mindset

  • Space to display the rich history of the Aztec Wrestling Nation

  • Space to hold practices, meetings, award ceremonies and banquets



If you would like to make a donation of any size, please mail a check to:

Aztec Takedown Scholarship Foundation

1207 McCoy Ave

Aztec, NM 87410

The Aztec Wrestling Nation, building and supporting excellence now and for the future. 

proceeds go to the building fund
Also sold online by Championship Productions

NHSACA Hall of Fame inductee and 3X National Coach of the Year walks you through a tilt system guaranteed to bring points to wrestlers, no matter their skill level.

With this four point tilt system, you will be able to turn opponents from just about any position, including base, flat, short sit, standing, even when they parterre.

Easy set up, simple fundamental moves and tips on drilling make this tilt a go-to for any wrestler in just about any situation.

There's a reason the Aztec Tiger wrestling team in northern New Mexico scored on 300 plus tilts in a single season, and that reason is the Tiger Tilt!

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