Tiger Takedown #11

May 30, 2016


Tiger Takedown Newsletter  #11              FINAL   2015-2016                             2/22/2016


The main event of the season is over, and the hard work has paid off with solid dividends. The tough schedule through the season has proven to help the young tigers grow up.  They wrestled a very solid State Tournament. The goal of returning place winners into next season’s room was accomplished, as 6 wrestlers with a State Medal will be in the room. Last year’s 77 point and 10th place finish was replaced with a 139.5 and a 5th place finish.  It was good to see them wrestle at a higher level of confidence. Wrestling is one of the last high school sponsored sports that pushes a young person to learn that you only get out of it worthy of what you are willing to put into it. There is nowhere to hide out on the mat, one on one, and if you slacked in practice or cut any corners; your outcome and your teams, will, and should be affected.


Top Ten Team Placing out of twenty two:  

1st Belen               272         points                                   2nd Piedra Vista                 222.5                     points

3rd Capital            197        points                                   4th Los Lunas                       156                         points

5th Aztec               139.5     points                                   6th Valencia                           85                         points

7th Academy         78         points                                   8th Farmington                     73.5                      points

9th Los Alamos     71.5      points                                10th Goddard / Del Norte  66                          points


Aztec Individual results:

106#      Josiah Griego                     10th         38-13 record       scored 17 pts                     3rd place

112#      Tommy Fletcher               9th           19-21 record       scored   o pts                     lost 2 by 2 points total

120#      Cody Candelaria               9th           35-10 record       scored 21 pts                     3rd place

126#      Ruben Teasyatwho         10th         23-23 record       scored   5 pts                      one match from placing

132#      Brandon Trennepohl      11th         29-19 record       scored 10 pts                     5th place

138#      Dominic Dufur                   10th         25-18 record       scored   5 pts                      one match from placing

                                                                                                (Has a 5th place medal  from 2015)

145#      Austin Littlefield               10th         43-7   record       scored 22.5 pts                  State Runner-up

152#      Zane Bradshaw                 11th         9-16   record       scored    0 pts                     no place

160#      Josh Snow                           12th         34-14 record       scored  12 pts                    5th place

170#      Trenton Tom                      11th         14-17 record       scored     0 pts                    no place

182#      Melvin Benally                  12th         27-12 record       scored   11 pts                   6th place

                                                                                                (Had to be with drawn due to injury after qts)

195#      Dylan Sutherland             12th         31-14 record       scored   15 pts                   5th place

220#      Jared O’Toole                    10th         8-22`  record       scored     0  pts                   no place

285#      Tyler Robeson                   11th         23-6   record       scored   18  pts                  4th place


(Due to some untimely injuries, our point production was somewhat hampered.)

Wrestler of the week:      Austin Littlefield for his 22.5 points and leadership after a tough loss

*************************************************************************************Next Event:   March 16th @ 6:30     Aztec Wrestling Nation Wrestling Awards Banquet   EVERYONE  is invited.  Come listen to our guest speaker Lt. Commander Jacob Saiz -1995 Aztec Graduate and wrestler.                                       

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