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Tiger Takedown 2018-19 #3

Tiger Takedown Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #3 2018-2019 12/17/2018

If humility is the mother of all great success stories, the defending New Mexico State Champions, Aztec Wrestling got its fair share at the always extremely tough Desert Storm 32 team multi-state invitational. As coaches, we pride ourselves with taking our wrestlers to events to get them beat, because only through defeat can you learn to win. While in St. George, Utah, we learned a lot, as individuals and as a program and were complimented by coaches and officials on the team’s wrestling and on their respectful behavior. On the same weekend, Aztec Wrestling had three teams competing, with the Junior Varsity in St. George and the C Team in Kirtland. This has not happened since the 90’s; great times are in store for us.

Varsity Team Results Top 9/32:

1st Millard UT 262 2nd Cimarron Mem NV 200 3rd Aztec NM 196

4th Canyon View UT 176.5 5th Desert Hills UT 150 6th Salem Hills UT 138.5

7th Virgin Valley NV 131.5 8th Cedar City UT 126 9th Enterprise UT 116

Aztec Varsity Individual Results:

106# 10th Jacob Culler 1-2 5.5 pts no place

113# 10th Jaren McBride 3-1 28 pts Runner-up

120# 10th Dylan St.Vrain 2-3 12 pts 6th place

126# 12th Christian Robison 3-1 27.5 pts Runner-up

132# 11th Garrett Birzer 1-2 5.5 pts no place

138# 12th Cody Candelaria 4-1 25 pts 3rd place

145# 12th Hunter Medina 3-1 26 pts Runner-up

152# 11th Bode Wooley 3-3 12.5 pts 6th place

160# 11th Logan Klepac 2-2 6 pts no place

170# 10th Malcolm Altisi 3-3 15 pts 6th place

182# open

195# 9th Chance Hoggard 0-2 0 pts no place

220# 10th Caleb Varzeas 4-1 25 pts 3rd place

285# 11th DeAngelo Padilla 1-2 8 pts no place

152# 11th Zane Chapman 2-2 Independent non-scorer

Junior Varsity Team Results Top 10/32:

1st Enterprise 378 2nd Dixie HS 352 3rd Salem Hills HS 343 4th Desert Hill 335.5 5th Canyon View 335

5th Millard 335 7th Aztec 307.5 8th Hurricane 288.5 9th Snow Canyon 257 10th Hunter 246

Aztec JV Individual Results:

120# 10th Justin Hargis 4-2 4th place

126# 10th Sammy Minton 6-0 Champion

132# 8th Cody Hargis 4-1 Runner-up

138# 9th Garrett Kirby 5-3 no place

152# 10th Hunter Riddick 5-0 Champion

160# 9th Brody Dalton 3-3 no place

195# 9th Ashton Wakinnen 3-3 7th place

220# 12th Zack Roberts 6-1 3rd place

Aztec C Team Individual Place Winners: 6th place team

120# 11th Drake Dansie 3-1 3rd place

126# 10th Demetri Dufur 3-2 5th place

170# 9th Princess Altisi 1-3 6th place

220# 11th Ty Ashley 3-1 Runner-up

228# 8th Josh Hannah 3-0 Champion


No Fear Wrestlers of the Week: C Team, Josh Hanna JV Team, Cody Hargis Varsity, Hunter Medina

Next Event: National Level Las Vegas Holiday Classic, December 22-23, South Point Casino, 64 teams

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