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Tiger Takedown #5 2019-20

2019-2020 Tiger Takedown Aztec Wrestling Newsletter #5 12/30/2019

When you go into a battle and you have one arm tied behind your back due to missing vital team members, and then compound it with a flat Friday, you find yourself in 13th place on the first day. The exciting thing about Aztec Wrestling is that we were able to regroup and start again on the second day; still short in numbers but better mentally prepaid to wrestle. At one point in the tournament, we climbed into the lead and held it for a round, but combined with not having a full team and 2 teams not able to get in because of weather (California and Oregon), we fell to 3rd to two stronger and complete teams. We pumped 5 into the finals and ended up with 6 out of 9 placing.

Top 6 Teams at Cimarron Memorial Spartan Invitational:

1st Cimarron, NV 208.5 2nd Desert Ridge, AZ 178 3rd Aztec, NM 149.0

4th Faith Lutheran, NV 106.0 5th Western, NV 102.5 6th Liberty, NV 86.5

Aztec Place Winners:

106# No entry, 8th graders not allowed in Nevada

113# Jacob Culler 11th 8 pts 1-2 no place

120# No entry, injury

126# Dylan St. Vrain 11th 25 pts 3-0 Champion

132# Sammy Minton 11th 8 pts 2-2 No place

138# No entry, injury and 8th grader replacement no allowed in Nevada

145# Bode Wooley 12th 20 pts 3-1 Runner-up

152# Zane Chapman 12th 21 pts 2-1 Runner-up

160# Malcolm Altisi 11th 19 pts 5-1 3rd place

160# Hunter Riddick 11th independent 3-2 4th place

170# Logan Klepac 12th 21 pts 2-1 Runner-up

182# No entry, injury

195# No entry, assessment drop next week

220# Caleb Varzeas 11th 26 pts 3-0 Champion

HWT Ty Ashley 12th 0 pts 0-2 No place

No Fear Wrestler of the Week: Dylan St. Vrain Champion

Next Event: Jan. 3rd Girls to Moriarity for Pinto Girls Tournament

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