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Tiger Takedown Awards Banquet 2019-20

2019-2020 Tiger Takedown Awards Banquet Aztec Wrestling Newsletter 3/10/2020 The post season awards banquet was Monday, March 9th in the MPR and it was a greatly attended ceremony. Our Legend of the Past speaker this year was AHS 2013 State Champ and graduate Mike Hathcock. His speech hit upon just how important wrestling was for him in his life. Wrestling prepared him for the rigors that he had faced prior to becoming a teacher and coach. He talked about how he moved forward each year through the 4 Ds of the Aztec Wrestling Program (Desire, Dedication, Determination & Discipline), as they became more and more relevant to his goals, then and now. This year’s awards banquet had our first women’s team, that finished in 2nd place at New Mexico’s first certified State tournament for the ladies. That, along with the men winning their 3rd State Championship in a row and the program’s 19th State Title overall, made for quite a season. Our individual State Champion count went up by 6, to 117 and once you factor in the girls’ titles, we now have 121 over all individual State Champions housed at Aztec High School. Aztec Wrestling is a rich and proud tradition and home of the Aztec Wrestling Nation. Girls Letter Winner: 100# Justice Limback 106# Johanna Limback 120# Mia Aguirre 126# Makala Munoz 132# Brynn Kirby 145# Katelin Klepac 160# Princess Altsisi

Girls’ Award Winners:

Most Improved Female Wrestler: Mia Aguirre

Spirit of the Female Tigers: Princess Altsisi

Most Valuable Female Wrestler: Makayla Munoz

Junior Varsity Award Winners:

JV on the Horizon Award: Garrett Kirby

JV Most Valuable Wrestler: Talan Olguin

Junior Varsity Certificate Winners: Talan Olguin, Jacob Culler, Jerik Griego, Justin Hargis, Makayla Munoz, Santiago Martinez, Tony Thompson, Cody Hargis, Garrett Kirby, John Villarrial, Jacob Olguin, Princess Altsisi, Logan Barboa, Thurmin Lee, Jaylen Ignacio. Varsity Boys’ Letter Winners: Bryson Valdez, Paul vigil, Jaren McBride, Dylan St. Vrain, Sammy Minton, Garrett Birzer, Bode Wooley, Zane Chapman, Malcolm Altisi, Hunter Riddick, Logan Klepac, Brody Dalton, Caleb Varzeas, Josh Hannah, Talan Olguin, Jacob Culler, Justin Hargis, Tony Thompson, Ty Ashley, Cody Hargis. Varsity Award Winners:

Best Varsity Record: 39-0 Bryson Valdez

Most Take Downs: 147 Bryson Valdez

Most Near Falls: 77 Dylan St. Vrain

Most Falls: 28 Bryson Valdez and Bode Wooley

Most Improved Wrestler: Malcolm Altisi

Spirit of the Tigers: Bryson Valdez

February’s Child: Garrett Birzer

Wrestling 4 Ds: Logan Klepac

Most Valuable Wrestler: Zane Champman

Coaches Award: Bode Wooley

All District Academic Team 3.0 or Better: Logan Klepac, Zane Chapman, Garrett Birzer, Brody Dalton, Hunter Riddick, Malcolm Altisi,

Makayla Munoz, Katelin Klepac, Princess Altsisi, Isabell Vallejos.

Aztec Board of Education Scholastic Award Winners 3.5 or Better: Logan Klepac, Jocelyn Maxwell, Zane Chapman, Garrett Birzer, John Villarial, Makayla Munoz, Jacob Culler, Katelin Klepac.

Top GPA: Logan Klepac 4.80

Team GPA: 3.03

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