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Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #1 2022-23

Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #1 2022-2023 12/5/2022

A new high school season starts with Coach Stinson starting his 49th year, with much promise as well as high expectations. Last week saw the mid-school season come to a close, ending with yet another Middle School Basin Championship for Koogler. This is their 17th Basin Championship overall and 3rd in a row. Once again, Coach Griego and Coach Olguin led their team to a decisive win on Saturday. The high school season started on Saturday with its annual JV Round Robin for the boys, and the girls at Farmington High School for the first Lady Scorpions Invite. The Varsity will start next week.

San Juan Basin Middle School Championships Team Results:

1st 203 pts Aztec Koogler

2nd 185 pts Hermosa MS

3rd 172.5 pts Heights MS

4th 149 pts Kirtland Ms

5th 126 pts Mesa View MS

6th 123 pts Mesa Alta MS

7th 70 pts Tibbetts MS

8th 57 pts Tse Bit Ai

Middle School Koogler Boys Place Winners:

83# 7th Tydale Calberson, 3rd

88# 7th Phillip Aragon, 3rd

93# 8th Nathan Hare, Champion

99# 7th Ayden Platero, 3rd

105# 8th James Moore, Champion

112# 8th CJ Saiz, Champion

126# 8th Delano Black, Champion

133# 8th Corey Douglas, Champion

140# 8th Koltyn White, Champion

148# 7th Moses Perez Valenzuel, 3rd

180# 7th Xayden Garcia, 3rd

260# 8th Zephania Mark, 4th

San Juan Basin MS JV Koogler Place Winners: Team Place 3rd

88# 7th Izya Sanchez, Champion

93# 7th Inri Serrano, 2nd

99# 7th Darrian Phillips, Champion

105# 7th Jake Roberts, 2nd

126# 7th Brody Segotta, 2nd

140# 7th Alex Curley 4th

San Juan Basin Girls Championship Koogler Place Winners: Team Place 2nd

99# 7th Emily Saiz, Champion

105# 7th Avah Olguin, Champion

119# 7th Cheyenne Yellow, Champion

158# 8th Ava Poyer, Runner-up

Aztec HS JV Place Winners:

107# 9th Jace Archuleta, Champion 5-0

107# 10th Kolton Palmer, 5th 1-4

127# 9th Gavin Miller, 3rd 1-2

127# 9th Ean Whitaker, 4th 0-3

145# 9th Nathan Canuto, 2nd 3-1

152# 10th Josh Melendez, 2nd 2-1

160# 11th Evan Lane, 2nd 2-1

189# 9th Averyon Padilla, Champion 3-0

215# 9th Aiden Trujillo, 3rd 2-2

Farmington Scorpion Ladies Invitational Team Results:

1st 221 pts: Farmington

2nd 114 pts: Durango

3rd 104 pts: Piedra Vista

4th 77 pts: Aztec

5th 58 pts: Bloomfield

6th 55 pts: Wingate

7th 38 pts: Ignacio

Aztec HS Girl Place Winners:

107# 9th Seriah Cornish, 3rd 0-3 0 pts

107# 9th Melanie Paez, 6th 1-4 5pts

114# 9th Lillian Rudder, 2nd 4-1 20pts

114# 10th Nadyalian Duran, 3rd 3-2 14pts

120# 11th Delaney Tanner, 4th 2-3 11pts

126# 9th Patricia Malouff, 6th 1-4 3pts

152# 11th Marie Fatte, 7th 1-3 2pts

152# 12th Makayla Munoz, Champion 4-0 22pts

Events this Week: Saturday, December 10th Bloomfield Invitational, Boys Varsity & JV and Girls Varsity

McDonald’s Wrestlers of the Week:

Ean Whitaker went 0-3 but just over a year ago was in a car wreck, sustaining life threatening injuries and is wrestling now!!!

Lillian Rudder went 4-1 as a first year wrestle and placed 2nd.

Special Welcome: Coach Audrey Parks, Aztec’s first female wrestling coach. Coach Parks comes from Katy High School in Texas where she wrestled for the Katy Tigers. She is married to AHS graduate Sam Parks.


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