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Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #3 2021-22

Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #3 2021-2022 12/20/2021

The month of December is moving along as expected, methodically and slow, as we develop and hone kids into the wrestlers who will defend our state title in February. This week started out with an unforeseen cancelation of our dual with Farmington High School due to snow. This event will be rescheduled in January. We then traveled to Window Rock, Arizona for a individual tournament that was plagued with unanticipated problems. Holding out three of our better wrestlers didn’t help the situation but compounded the problems that took place while there. With an attitude and mindset that the month of December is purely a learning opportunity, we came away with one Champion who was voted outstanding wrestler and several place winners to back him up. We also had one Champion on the girls’ team who was voted outstanding wrestler. With team scoring handled in a way that as a coach I’ve never seen before in a team tournament, we finished 5th out of 22 teams. Our girls had a strong showing with 8th place out of 24 teams.

Veterans Memorial Invitational Girls Top 10 Team Placing: 10/24

1st Farmington 306 2nd Miyamura 289 3rd Winslow 236 4th Round Valley 222 5th Casteel 220

6th Kirtland 171 7th Window Rock 165 8th Aztec 162 9th Bloomfield 156 10th Page 145

Aztec Place Winners:

114# 9th Nadya Duran 25 pts 3-1 9th place

132# 11th Makayla Munoz 41 pts 3-1 3rd place

145# 12th Princess Altisisi 52 pts 4-0 Champion & OW

152# 11th Mia Melendez Independent 2-1 7th place

152# 12th Brynn Kirby 44 pts 3-1 Runner-up

Veterans Memorial Invitational Boys Top 9 Team Placing: 9/24

1st Farmington High School 595 2nd Bloomfield High School 503.5 3rd Winslow High School 447

4th Miyamura High School 404.5 5th Aztec High School 373.5 6th Monument Valley High school 318.5

7th Page High School 316.5 8th Mingus High School 225 9th Kirtland High School 208

Aztec Place Winners:

106# 9th Mason Robison 19 pts 2-2 10th place

113# 8th Joaquin Duran 0 pts 1-2 no place

120# open

126# 9th Jesse Stegall 9.5 pts 1-2 no place

132# 9th Zach Sanders 25 pts 3-1 9th place

138# 12th Jacob Adame 19 pts 2-2 10th place

144# 11th Izaiah Sanchez 25 pts 3-1 9th place

150# 10th Tony Thompson 52 pts 4-0 Champion & OW

157# 10th Logan Barboa 43 pts 3-1 3rd place

165# 12th Garrett Kirby 43 pts 3-1 3rd place

175# 11th John Villarrial 35 pts 3-1 5th place

190# 11th Jacob Greyeyes Independent 2-2 6th place

190# 12th Brody Dalton 38 pts 2-2 4th place

215# 10th Jaylen Ignacio 35 pts 3-1 5th place

HWT 9th Deegan Keenom 30 pts 2-3 8th place

Christmas Break Event: Varsity Boys & Girls Las Vegas NV Cimarron Memorial Tourn., December 29-30

Academic Wrestler of the Week: John Villarrial 171# State Place Winner with a 4.2 GPA

The Aztec Wrestling Nation is wishing everyone a safe and refreshing Christmas break.


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