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Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #4 2022-23

Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter#4 2022-2023 1/2/2023

In our third week of varsity competition, everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Southwest Airlines cancelled more than 2,500 flights, including ours to the Sierra Nevada Classic in Reno,

NV. After many attempts by the Booster Club to rectify this problem and an attempt to secure Amtrak

tickets instead, the Reno trip was abandoned and alternate plans were sought. An attempt to drive to

Las Vegas, NV or Prescott, AZ for a tournament was not approved and we ended up traveling south to

Silver City for their duals. As we are not yet a duals team at this point in the season due to injuries, this

tournament format was not ideal for us but we took what we were allowed to have. This proved to be a

double-edged sword; with one edge giving us needed mat time and the other showing some flaws that

need to be improved. The girls were fortunate, as last minute girls match ups were able to be organized

at the same venue, otherwise they would not have had the opportunity to compete at all.

Aztec Silver City Duals Results: Dual record 3-2, overall season record 8-2

Individual Records:

107# 9th Joaquin Duran 3-2

114# 9th Taner Olguin 4-1

121# 11th Bryson Valdez 5-0

127# open 0-5

133# 11th Logan Whitaker 3-2

139# 11th Jaden Godbay 1-4

145# 10th Zach Sanders 4-1

152# 12th Izaiah Sanchez 4-1

160# open 0-5

172# 11th Logan Barboa 4-1

189# 12th Jacob Greyeyes 4-1

215# 11th Jaylen Ignacio 5-0

Hwt 10th Deegan Keenom 4-1

Total Matches 41-14

Matches Wrestled 41-24


Aztec 30 Deming 39

Aztec 54 Centennial 12

Aztec 66 Silver2 0

Aztec 55 Las Cruces 18

Aztec 29 Stafford 48

Aztec Girls Silver Duals Results: Dual record 4-1

100# 9th Seriah Cornish 2-3

107# 10th Tiahnna Pillips 2-3

114# 9th Lillian Rudder 1-4

114# 10th Nadyalena Duran 3-2

120# 11th Delaney Tunner 5-0

145# 12th Mia Melendez 4-1

145# 12th Makayla Munoz 5-0

152# 11th Marie Fatte 2-1

165# 8th Ava Poyer 4-0

Total Matches Win/Loss 28-14


Aztec 42 Robertson/Deming 12

Aztec 30 Cleveland 28

Aztec 18 Socorro 30 Aztec 30 Cobre 24

Aztec 18 Organ Mtn/Salpoint 12

Events this Week:

Wednesday: High School & College Duals, Aztec vs Farmington & NM Highlands University vs Otero College


Friday: Aztec vs Monticello, MILITARY APPRECIATION NIGHT. 6pm, Lillywhite Gym

Girls at Moriarty Lady Pintos Invite, 3pm

Saturday: Boys Varsity to Pagosa Springs Tournament, 10am

JV Boys to Kirtland JV Tournament, 9:30am

McDonald’s Wrestlers of the Week: Jaylen Ignacio for a 5-0 effort & Mia Melendez for going 4-1.


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