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Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #6 2021-22

Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #6 2021-2022 1/17/2022

It was an extremely telling week. After finally getting most of the wrestlers back from Covid contact tracing on

Tuesday, we turned around the next day to wrestle Farmington. That did not work out so well, as lack of

team time, practice, and any consistency worked against us. It was a formula for disaster and

Farmington beat us by a score of 58-18. On Wednesday, our girls went to Miyamura High School for the Crown the

Queen Tournament, and Aztec crowned 3 girls as Champions. On Thursday, we were able to honor and

appreciate both the military and student body. We were also able to rebound in our own house and win

54-18 over Kirtland. That evening was the first ever all female dual in San Juan County, and was won by

Aztec (30-6) over Kirtland without even wrestling a match, interestingly enough. Makayla won the only

girl (exhibition) match over her Kirtland opponent by fall. Women’s wrestling is slowly, but consistently

growing. On the weekend, our Varsity girl and boy teams went to Winslow, AZ, while the JV went to

Durango, CO for tough competition.

Miyamura Crown the Queen team results: Top 6/9 Teams

1st Miyamura 151 pts 2nd Farmington 111.0 3rd Aztec 91.0

4th Capital 64 pts 5th Kirtland 48.0 6th Newcomb 30.0

Aztec Girls Results:

107# 9th Nadya Duran 3-2 13 pts 3rd place

126# 11th Makayla Munoz 5-0 25 pts Champion

138# 12th Princess Altisis 5-0 27 pts Champion

145# 11th Mia Melendez 2-3 4th place

152# 12th Brynn Kirby 3-0 19 pts Champion

Durango JV Round Robin Individual Results:

106# 9th Mason Robison 4-0 Champion

113# 8th Joaquin Duran 3-0 Champion

132# 10th Logan Whitaker 2-3 4th place

138# 10th Jayden Godbay 0-3 no place

145# 9th Jacob Rutledge 4-0 Champion

170# 12th Nick Mendez 3-2 3rd place

182# 10th Simeon Cardenas 4-0 Champion

57th Annual Doc Wright Invitational Boys Division: Top 8/34

1st Casteel 253.5 2nd Mesa 188.0 3rd Morenci 170.5

4th A.L. Academy 167.0 5th Aztec 158.0 6th Campo Verde 152.0

7th Coconino 146.0 8th Bloomfield 130.5 30th Piedra Vista 19.0

Aztecs Boys Individual Results:

107# 8th Taner Olguin 5-1 21 pts 3rd place

113# 10th Bryson Valdez 5-0 33 pts Champion Voted Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament

120# 10th Talan Olguin 5-0 28 pts Champion

132# 9th Zach Sanders 3-2 7 pts no place

138# 12th Jacob Adame 2-2 6 pts no place

145# 11th Izaiah Sanchez 3-2 12 pts no place

152# 10th Tony Thompson 5-1 18 pts 3rd place

160# 11th John Villarrial 0-2 0 pts no place

170# 12th Garrett Kirby 1-2 4 pts no place

182# 11th Jacob Greyeyes 3-2 13 pts 6th place

195# 12th Brody Dalton 3-2 11 pts no place

220# 10th Jaylen Ignacio 2-2 5 pts no place

Hwt 9th Deegan Keenom 0-2 0 pts no place

57th Annual Doc Wright invitational Girls Division: Top 6/24

1st Basha 158.0 2nd Winslow 150.0 3rd Casteel 106.0

4th Aztec 89.0 5th Campo Verde 70.0 6th Page 65.0

12th Piedra Vista 24.0 14th Bloomfield 22.0

Aztec Girls Results:

107# 9th Nadya Duran 2-1 16 pts Runner-up

126# 11th Makayla Munoz 4-0 30 pts Champion

138# 12th Princess Altisis 4-0 27.5 pts Champion

152# 12th Brynn Kirby 2-1 16 pts Runner-up

Next Events: Friday, Aztec's 4th Annual Lady Tigers Scramble Tournament 4:00pm

Saturday, 40th Annual High Desert Community Credit Union Tiger Duals 8:00am

Academic Athletes: The following wrestlers have 4.00 semester GPAs,10th Bryson Valdez, 10th Simeon Cardenas,

11th Makayla Munoz, 11th John Villarrial. Congrats for your outstanding performances in the classroom. #Aztecstrongacademics


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