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Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #6 2022-23

Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #6 2022-2023 1/16/2023

We always promise to take Aztec Wrestling to the toughest tournaments possible and we took them to a true

meat grinder in Winslow, Arizona. There were 54 teams from as far away as Washington State, filling the gym

to capacity this year. Our girls were faced with 41 teams as well, by far the biggest tournament Aztec girls have

ever faced. The boys were without last year’s tournament champion and a 3rd place finisher, along with missing

a total of four weight classes, making it a true uphill battle. Our Junior Varsity went to the Varsity Garrison

Spencer Memorial Duals in Shiprock and came away with a 4-1 duals record. On Wednesday, our girls were in

Gallup for the Miyamura Crown the Queen Tournament and placed third.

Girls at Miyamura Crown the Queen: 3rd out of 10 teams

9th 100# Seriah Cornish 0-4,0 pts 5th place

11th 107# Tiahnna Phillips 1-2, 2 pts NP

10th 114# Nadya Duran 2-2, 10 pts 4th place

11th 120# Delaney Tanner 2-1, 18 pts 2nd place

12th 138# Mia Melendez 4-1, 20 pts 2nd place

12th 145# Makayla Munoz 3-0, 20 pts 1st place

11th 152# Marie Fatte 2-1, 14 pts 2nd place 8th

165# Ava Poyer 1-2, 7 pts 3rd place

Girls at Winslow: 21st out of 41 teams

9th 100# Seriah Cornish 0-2, 0 pts NP

11th 120# Delaney Tanner 2-2, 7 pts NP

12th 138# Mia Melendez 0-2, 0 pts NP

12th145# Makayla Munoz 5-0, 32 pts Champion

11th 152# Marie Fatte 1-2, 3 pt NP 8th

152# Ava Poyer 1-2, 4 pts NP

Aztec Junior Varsity: 4-1 dual record, 5th place out of 14 teams

8th CJ Saiz 4-1

9th Jace Archuleta 0-3

11th Talan Olguin 5-0

8th Koltyn White 2-1

11th Jaden Godbay 2-3

9thNate Canuto 2-3

9th Averyon Padilla 5-0

9th Aiden Trujillo 4-1

Aztec Varsity: 11th out of 54 teams, 123 points

9th 106# Joaquin Duran 2-2, 5 points NP

11th 113# Bryson Valdez 6-0, 38 points Champion

11th 132# Logan Whitaker 0-2, 0 points NP

11th 138# Tony Thompson 4-3, 19 points 6th place

10th 145# Zach Sanders 4-2, 12 points NP

12th 150# Izaiah Sanchez 2-2, 4 points NP

11th 175# Logan Barboa 4-2, 13 points NP

12th 190# Jacob Greyeyes 1-2, 6 points NP

11th 225# Jaylen Ignacio 7-1, 26 points 3rd place

10th 285# Deegan Keenom 0-2, 0 points NP

McDonald’s Wrestlers of the Week:

Boys Varsity: Jaylen Ignacio won 7 matches for 3rd place in a weight class that had 5 state champions.

Girls: Mia Melendez won 4 matches at Crown the Queen.

Events this Week:

Wednesday: Boys District Duals in Miyamura.

Friday: 5th Annual Lady Tigers Scramble in Aztec

Saturday: 41st Annual ADAELLACHS Tiger Duals and JV Round Robin in Aztec

Side Notes:

Bryson Valdez and Makayla Munoz have both eclipsed a high school milestone of 100 career

match wins. Also, this week Makayla was voted Outstanding Wrestler at both Crown the Queen and Winslow,

and Bryson was voted Outstanding Wrestler in Winslow.


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