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Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #7

Aztec Wrestling Nation Newsletter #7 5/24/2021

The Aztec Wrestling Nation had an amazing week of qualifying wrestling, as we qualified all 13

wrestlers to the final show. Winning the qualifying tournament over second place Bloomfield by 34

points helped ease the frustrating COVID season, and bring home another District Championship,

making it five in a row.

The week started with our girls going 3 for 3 in Albuquerque on Thursday, finishing with two Regional

Champions and a 4th place. This will give us a good chance to bring home a team state trophy next

Saturday at the Star Center in Rio Rancho.

Top 5 Girls Teams Scores Out of 15 Teams Represented:

1st West Mesa 86 pts

2nd Miyamura 64 pts

3rd Atrisco Heritage Academy 62 pts

4th Aztec 53 pts

5th Volcano Vista 52 pts

Aztec’s Girls Placing and Scoring:

126# 10th Makayla Munoz 20 pts 17-0 Champion

145# 11th Princess Altisi 26 pts 3-1 Champion

160# 11th Brynn Kirby 7 pts 4-5 4th place

Boy’s Team Scoring District 1-5A State Qualifier:

1st Aztec 211 pts Qualifying 13 with 7 Champions

2nd Bloomfield 177 pts Qualifying 14 with 4 Champions

3rd Miyamura 140.5 pts Qualifying 12 with 1 Champions

4th Kirtland Central 67 pts Qualifying 8 with 1 Champion

5th Gallup 56 pts Qualifying 5 with 1 Champion

6th Shiprock 32 pts Qualifying 2

Aztec’s Boys Individual Qualifiers:

106# 9th Bryson Valdez scored 18 pts 15-0 District Champion

113# 9th Talan Olguin scored 18 pts 14-1 District Champion

120# 12th Jaren McBride scored 16 pts 14-4 District Runner-up

126# 8th Zach Sanders scored 9 pts 3-2 3rd in District

132# 12th Sammy Minton scored 16 pts 10-2 District Runner-up

138# OPEN

145# 9th Tony Thompson scored 22 pts 15-1 District Champion

152# 12th Hunter Riddick scored 20 pts 21-3 District Champion

160# 9th Logan Barboa scored 14 pts 16-8 District Runner-up

170# 10th John Villarrial scored 9 pts 15-7 3rd in District

182# 12th Malcolm Altisi scored 19 pts 13-1 District Champion

195# 10th Jacob Greyeyes scored 20 pts 3-1 District Champion

220# 11th Brody Dalton scored 8 pts 15-10 4th in District

HWT 12th Caleb Varzeas scored 22 pts 19-0 District Champion


Wrestlers of the Week: Girls, Princess Altisis Boys, Talan Olguin


Events this Week: Thursday 27th 4-A Boys State Championship, Star Center Rio Rancho

Saturday 29th 5-A Girls State Championship, Star Center Rio Rancho


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