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Tiger Takedown 2019-20 #1

2019-20120 Tiger Takedown Newsletter #1 12/3/2019

As one season comes to an end, the high school season goes into full gear. This first newsletter of the season is dedicated to the middle school wrestlers and coaches for bringing back the San Juan Basin Wrestling Championship to Aztec. The last time Aztec won that title was in 2008. In total, Aztec Middle School has won more Basin Championships than any other school. At 15 championships, the long dry spell is over. Our understaffed middle school varsity won the tournament by 61 points, showing it’s not about quantity, but about quality. All 13 wrestlers placed in the top 3 out of a team of 17 possible weight classes. The week earlier, our middle school JV’s had a great showing by placing second, as they were well out numbered with only 13 wrestlers.

San Juan Basin Team Results:

1st Aztec Koogler 233 13 wrestlers

2nd Bloomfield Mesa Alta 172, 15 wrestlers

3rd Farmington Hermosa 161.5, 17 wrestlers

4th Farmington Heights 151, 13 wrestlers

5th Kirtland Middle School 89, 9 wrestlers

6th Farmington Mesa View 89, 11 wrestlers

7th Farmington Tibbetts 79, 11 wrestlers

8th Shiprock Middle School 17, 8 wrestlers

Aztec’s Koogler place winners:

7th grader Cody Domme 73# 22 pts Champion

7th grader Kohlton Palmer 78# 14 pts 3rd place

8th grader Paul Vigil 104# 24 pts Champion

8th grader Talan Olguin 111# 22 pts Champion

8th grader Jerik Griego 118# 20.5 pts Champion

7th grader Ian Lujan 125# 12 pts 3rd place

8th grader Lief Wakkinen 133# 15 pts 3rd place

8th grader Justin Bixler 142# 12 pts 3rd place

8th grader Tony Thompson 1 54# 22 pts Champion

8th grader Gage Pina 167# 18 pts Runner-up

8th grader Logan Barboa 180# 12.5 pts 3rd place

7th grader Clarence Keenom 195# 7 pts 3rd place

8th grader Jaylen Ignacio 220# 24 pts Champion

Aztec Koogler Middle School JV Place winners: second place team

7th grader 104# Nat Selph no place

7th grader 111# Zach Sanders Champion

8th grader 118# Domicic Lobato no place

8th grader 118# Jason Hughs 3rd place

8th grader 125# Jesse Lobato 3rd place

7th grader 125# Austin Stegall runner-up

8th grader 133# Lynden Jaquez 3rd place

8th grader 167# Jake Olguin 3rd place

8th grader 195# Jeremy Livingston Champion

8th grader 220# Devin Willis no place

Girls: 98# Nadyalena Duran Champion

111# Navea Scudder 4th place

133# Regan Bradshaw 3rd

Next event: 12/7 Annual Aztec High JV/C Round Robin Tournament

Aztec’s new wrestling facility is completed and working, but we still need to pay for it. We are looking for donors to help toward the last phase : $110,000.00 left to pay it off. If anyone knows of any company willing to donate to a great cause for kids, please contact Coach Stinson:

Herb or go to the website:


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